Your furniture is talking to you: signs you need to redecorate

There’s nothing like living in a home where everything seems to suggest you’re comfortable and happy. However, when your furniture begins to talk to you and a quick look at a magazine or a friend’s home makes you dread your home and the things in it, chances are you need to think about redecorating. What if you’re not sure you need to redecorate? Are there signs to watch out for? Here are a few signs redecoration is definitely what you need...
  1. Worn out items
Owning functioning classic and antique items makes a home charming. However, worn out doesn’t necessarily mean antique or aged. If your furniture has stood a lot of wear it’s time to let it go. If purchasing a new set is expensive, repurpose what you’ve got. Are your walls drub, untidy and boring? Think about some wall décor or a fresh coat of paint.
  1. Changes in lifestyle
One thing in life that is always changing is the household and family. Perhaps you’ve got new pets, a new family member, grown kids or change in profession, among others. It can be anything, including divorce and falling in love again that may bring new faces into the family fold. Perhaps you’ve been saving for uni or a project and now it’s over. With changes in your lifestyle, redecoration might also be a necessity.  
  1. Homes you visit leave you coveting
People are usually proud of their home no matter how it looks. Even so, if a visit to another home leaves you coveting and desiring what you see, from a better colour balance, well-painted walls, good furniture and more, you might want to rethink your home and the items in it. Ask yourself why those homes you visit are so appealing to you and what you can pull through to recreate the same in your household.
  1. Uninspiring surroundings
Some people can end up feeling uninspired when they enter their home. If you feel your house doesn’t warm your creativity anymore or motivate you into some excitement as it did before, you might want to take a fresh look at your home.
  1. Collecting clutter
Clutter in any space has a way of sucking out joy and leaving behind a bad feeling. At times you might not even be aware of clutter or how it is making you feel. This could be stacks of items on your tables, furniture or it could be random things you've picked up over the years. Take a long look of your home and watch for clutter. De-cluttering will allow you to work at your best and feel at home again.
  1. No longer have friends around
Ask yourself when you last invited friends, co-workers, family or neighbours for drinks, parties or a dinner in your home, particularly if you used to do this often. Take some time and ask yourself why. Chances are, getting the home looking ready for visitors again would require a lot of work. If this is the case, a redecoration could breathe new life, and get you excited for others to see it. Once you've sorted your home, you could find yourself inviting others around every other night!