Preparing your home for autumn

Looking for ways to prepare your home and get it organised for the autumn season? Follow these autumn home tips that will help you stay cosy as the nights get shorter.

Summer is at an end and the leaves are beginning to turn. As the world changes to colours of red and gold, you need to start looking at what you can do to get your home ready for autumn. Along with autumn comes the colder, more changeable weather and darker nights, so here are some tips to help your home get through this season.
Increase the warmth and cosiness
With the decrease in temperature, you need to start thinking about ways to increase the warmth of your home. Soft throws and blankets will bring warmer touches to your environment. If you have a real fireplace or wood-burning stove, then you will want to get your chimney cleaned and swept in preparation for using it more. Also, check your heating and make sure your radiators are all working.
Pep up your entrance
When you are coming home on a crisp, cold autumn day, then there is nothing better than a warm welcome. The weather is still mild enough that you can paint the door if you wish, so spruce it up with a nice cheerful colour. Make sure that your front gardens are tidy and if possible, decorate with some evergreen plants and flowers. This will give you a boost during the colder months.
Make way for wellies
As well as outside the door, you need to look at the hallway inside. You want this to be equally welcoming. Remember that you are likely to be wearing different footwear and so you want to be prepared for boots and wellies, particularly if they are wet and need to dry. Also, make sure that you have coats and umbrellas handy so that they are ready for when you go out.
Prepare for wholesome dining
When it comes to autumn foods, we do it well. Roasts, warming soups and stews, and full English breakfasts are all perfect for the colder months. Pep up your dining area with the addition of some good quality linens, or how about collecting some bare branches or twigs during a walk and putting them in a vase on your table. Then you can replace them with spring flowers as the seasons change.
Get organised
Whilst spring might traditionally be for cleaning, autumn is a great time for a reorganisation. Use the ‘back-to-school' mode to sort out your cupboards and wardrobes. Put away your summer outfits and get ready for autumn. Also, take a look at your food cupboards and throw away anything that is out of date. Make room for more cosy food favourites such as soup and stew ingredients to keep you full during the cold days.
Get Yourself a Window Seat
Whilst it might be better to be indoors on a wet day, being cosied up with a blanket and a good book whilst watching the rain is a great way to spend the day. So, get yourself an armchair in the window. You can make the most of the daylight during the day and be comfortable and cosy at night.