Decorating your house on a budget

When it comes to the build-up of buying a house, without a choice, you have to spend a drastic amount of money from your deposit fee, valuation fee, stamp duty and the list goes on. Feel like you are short on money to decorate your new home? Don’t worry; you can still give your new home some life without breaking the bank with our following top tips for decorating on a budget. Sometimes the simplest details can have the biggest impact to transform every room in your home.
  1. Paint, paint, paint
You’d be surprised as to what a bucket of paint can do to change a room in your house. Whether you are going for minimalism or colour pop, there are plenty of shades that can really bring out the energy in your house.  Paint is a quick, easy and an inexpensive way to make a statement in your home, you could paint one wall and cover the rest with wallpaper or have two different palettes on four walls. You don’t even need to hire anyone to do this for you as you can find some useful beginner DIY tutorials on YouTube.
  1. Mixing the old with the new
It’s a good idea to assess what you already have before you start buying some new things. When you incorporate your sentimental antique pieces with modern colours and textures, you can create a room scheme that looks like you’ve lived there for many years but equally still keep it looking elegant with new pieces. The first question you would need to ask yourself is, what do you want this room to represent and what colour palette would sit nicely with your mix of furniture? You’d be surprised to see how on trend this interior look is in modern décor, as a lot of people have nostalgic memories from their old furniture because it reminds them of a specific memory or a family member.
  1. A new cushion, really?
Can’t afford a new sofa? Well you will be surprised by how cushions and throws can enhance your whole living room. There are loads of designs, fabrics and shapes of affordable cushions and throws that can complement the style you already have. A good way to create character in your living room is by purchasing loads of cushions of various shades to construct atmospheric layering on your sofa all under the cost of £50. There are plenty of affordable home wear stores such as The Range, B&M and Dunelm Mill where you can inspire yourself and get artistic as you walk around to design the house of your dreams.
  1. Let there be light!
The right lighting can transform the mood of your scheme and make a big difference on the vibe you are trying to achieve. There are many styles of lighting that you can purchase for an affordable price, for example fairy lights and dimmer lamps are great ways for creating subtle soft lighting within your bedroom and living room. These are favoured by most people as it perfectly fits for an evening look. You could also exchange a big chandelier with energy saving spotlights in your hallway or even kitchen. This way you can create interesting shadows and dramatically change the feeling in your home, as well as saving money on your electricity bill with eco-friendly lights.  
So here you have it, if you follow some of these tips I can guarantee that you will save a few pennies in your new home by utilising the simplest gems you already have as well as going to your local home ware store to buy a few things.