The cosiest month yet

January and February can be freezing but if you’re dreading the cold weather, you're not alone. Nearly half of Brits admit to feeling low during ... Read More

It’s time to dress up

With the dark nights and cold days, often we can’t wait to get back into bed. This January, take your bedroom from boring to beautiful ... Read More

Award Winners! The lettings team strikes Gold with Exceptional performance

We are delighted to have won a prestigious Gold Award for Exceptional service at the recent EA Masters event at the O2. We are the ... Read More

CGI takes on Britain's dream home in a series of ...

Two fifths of us covet a custom-built house, but what would it look like? GoCompare Mortgages has revealed the features most in demand for ‘Britain’s ... Read More

10 beautiful baubles guaranteed to make your tree shine this ...

Glass Beaded Bauble £5.00 – Next. Classy and fabulous – there isn’t a better way to describe this beautiful bauble. We love the elegant ... Read More

Hello Winter! Magical uses for your outdoor space this Christmas ...

Sure, gardens are glorious in the summer when your planters are in full bloom and you’re soaking up the sunshine but when the mercury drops, ... Read More

Doing some DIY this weekend? Take a look at this ...

DIY. Often beginning with the age-old question of ‘how hard can it be’ and resulting in multiple disputes and often more problems than you started ... Read More

Not getting a good nights sleep? Use this simple design ...

Whether you’re the type of person who requires a solid 8 hours or can happily get on with your day with limited shut eye, it ... Read More

Kate Beavis, a vintage/mid-century style expert gives us her advice ...

Ever feel like modern furniture isn’t made to last anymore and that pandering to faddish homeware trends is just money down the drain? Vintage furniture ... Read More

How to make a rental property feel like home

Renting a home is a reality for most of us at some point in our lives. Strict landlords and lengthy, written contracts can mean that ... Read More

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