Are you prepared for the dreaded spring clean?

Very few people look forward to spring cleaning their home as it takes up a fair amount of time and it isn't the most interesting ... Read More

5 ways to make your home more relaxing and peaceful ...

Whilst our homes are going to feel relaxing to us, that doesn’t mean that we couldn’t benefit from a few extra touches to really up ... Read More

Bring the love in!

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Property planning for 2019

For some people this could be in their personal life, such as finding love,  or perhaps getting fit. But for others those aims can be a little different. Property ... Read More

Fit & fabulous

2019 is well underway so it’s time to wipe the slate clean. Time to end the debauchery of New year and the festive period; the ... Read More

Ideal plants and flowers to plant in January

However, the payoff is worth it. When planting in January, you will need to use new compost and sow seeds as close to the surface ... Read More

How to avoid the mistakes every new home buyer makes

Buying a home is a long process and will require a lot of research; you don’t simply show up have a look around and then ... Read More

Colour trends for 2019

Whether you’re focusing on one room or the entire house, it’s helpful to know which colours are popular with others. There are a number of ... Read More

Mortgage saving tips for the New Year

If you’ve been planning to start saving for a mortgage then now is a good time to get things in place. You might even be ... Read More

5 NY Resolutions for selling your home in 2019

For many this could be buying or selling a home, a popular activity in the first few months of the year as major life decisions ... Read More

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